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Holistic Treatments

Experience total relaxation and healing through Massage, Bowen technique and Scar Tissue Release. Whether you need relaxation and time for yourself or to experience healing in your body, Enliven Therapies have the treatment just for you.

Bowen Technique
Scar Tissue Release

Non-Invasive, Gentle & Holistic

Bowen Technique

A gentle treatment for the whole body. The therapist uses rolling type moves over specific areas of the body. This creates a response in the brain for the body to correct itself. Suitable for aches, pains, sports injuries and performance, allergies like hayfever. Suitable for adults, babies, children, pregnant ladies and elderly.

Indian Head Massage

Hot Stone Massage



  • Bowen Technique — £35
  • MSTR (scar tissue release) — £30
  • Indian Head Massage  — £30
  • Oriental Facial Massage  — £30
  • Back Neck Shoulder Massage  —  £25
  • Full Body Massage — £40
  • Hot Stone Massage — £30


What Clients Say

“Loved my Bowen sessions!! I am a total convert! Liz is lovely and very profesional, completely puts you at ease. I am pregnant and was suffering shoulder pain, sickness, tiredness and pelvic pain. I had 4 sessions and my shoulder pain has completely gone and I have gone from being sick 5 times a day to maybe once or twice a week. Give it a go, persevere, it is really worth it. Thanks Liz.”


“Fabulous Indian head massage yesterday, thank you Liz. I needed it with the chaos at home! So relaxing and what a calm haven you have there, your calmness was also very much appreciated. Looking forward to booking in for my Bowen therapy soon.

“Liz is so kind and genuinely concerned with her client’s well being. She has the most gentle touch and her techniques are so effective and on point. I had terrible neck pain and went to see Liz. In just one visit she relieved so much tension, pressure and discomfort. After therapy was over I felt so relaxed. It is always a pleasant experience..”

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